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Hive Publishing provides quality marketing and publishing services.

At Hive Publishing we have expanded our reach to encompass multiple areas of publishing and marketing. Not only do we maintain a strong internet presence: we offer print, telephony services, marketing solutions, and an array of other solutions tailored for you. If your an established business, or singular person we would like to discuss the potential opportunities available to you.

Our Services

Print Services

For over 10 years Hive Publishing has maintained a bi-weekly classified newspaper. This newspaper contains mostly automotive dealerships and small business; but also serves a section for personal classifieds.

Posting Services

Craigslist and eBay troubles? Hive Publishing can handle that. We offer postings services to almost anywhere in the world with proven results, don't worry about the technical worry about the sale.

Web Services

Planning on getting on the online, do you need to brand your or your companies name in its archives? Hive Publishing is the complete package for online solutions and presence, from Web Design to Employee Management.

Free Consultations

Hive Publishing provides free consultations. Our free consultation involves a process to determine if we are right for you. We want to be sure we are the agency for you and your company. As well as if your the right client for us.

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